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National Opening Conferences



May 2021 - Project PROMEHS on the television show “Classroom” on RiKanal.

Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić participated in the TV-show named  "Classroom", on the local Croatian television KanalRi. Professor Tatalović Vorkapić presented in detail PROMEHS and the current situation related to the implementation of the curriculum in kindergartens and schools in the Primorje-Gorje County.

She then pointed out the current state of the project - the 4th, last supervision will soon take place, and after that there will be an online post-test for participants of the first group of schools. The post-test is extremely important in order to see the effect of the project.

Beside the PROMEHS project, prof. Tatalović Vorkapić answered questions regarding the other scientific and professional projects she is leading at the University of Rijeka.

February 2021

Prof. Adina Colomeischi has been interviewed by the Romanian local TV Bucovina TV on “What about Mental health at School?”

Video Interview Part I

Video Interview Part II

October 2020

World Mental Health Day was marked on Korzo in Rijeka as part of the Promehs project. The project coordinator, PhD Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, Associate Professor, commented on the increase in mental problems among children and youth, and gave an insight into the stage of the project - an online conference was announced and the course of cooperation with kindergartens and schools that will participate in the project was explained.

September 2020

Prof. Martinsone participates in talk-show “Lampa” – how to overcome impact of the Covid-19 on families.

February 2020

Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, form the Faculty of Teacher Education in Rijeka, and Lana Golob from the City of Rijeka have been invited to the Croatian TV show called Classroom at their local TV channel KanarR.

They described the PROMEHS aims, mainly to sensibilise principals, school teachers and parents about the project and abou the importance of mental health at school. They also discussed how the Countries involved in the project plan to implement the innovative curriculum in numerous schools across Europe.

2019. gada 19. decembris


Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić no Skolotāju izglītības fakultātes Rijekā un Lana Golob no Rijekas pašvaldības PROMEHS preses konferencē iepazīstināja Horvātijas sabiedrību ar projektu. 23. decembrī interviju pārraidīja reģionālais un informatīvais TV tīkls KanalR. Šajā video var redzēt, kā prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić runā par projekta galvenajiem mērķiem, uzsverot to, kāpēc garīgās veselības profilakse ir ļoti svarīga bērnu labklājībai un kāpēc nekad nav par agru sākt garīgās veselības profilaksi un veicināšanu. Savukārt Lana Golob uzsvēra nepieciešamību vairāk ieguldīt izglītībā visā Rijekas pilsētā un projekta vērtību šajā aspektā.

2019. gada decembris


Latvijas komandas vadītāja Baiba Martinsone sniedza interviju reģionālās televīzijas kanālam “ReTV”, iepazīstinot ar sociāli emocionālās mācīšanās ideju un projektu. Tad mūsu partnere no Siguldas novada pašvaldības Latvijā Vineta Inberga sadarbībā ar reģionālo televīziju, ir nofilmēta vadot stundu un stāstot par PROMEHS projektu. Vineta aprakstīja projekta mērķus un demonstrēja dažus sociāli emocionālās mācīšanās elementus klasē.


News in the Media


In January 2021, a newspaper article was published in Novi list, a local newspaper in Rijeka, entitled Implementation of the mental health curriculum in 17 institutions in the Primorsko –goranska County.

The aim of this article was to encourage parents to get involved in the project. The article explains the goal and purpose of the project and points out that the implementation of the curriculum in kindergartens and schools will soon begin. It emphasizes the role of parents, as they will be able to work with their children on mental health at home, with the help of the free manual they have received, and therefore raise the quality of their relationship with the child.

On November 14th, 2020, an article entitled "Children and the pandemic: should the youngest be protected from bad news, panic and uncertainty?" was published on the website of Radio Rijeka, reffering to the radio show Zdravljak which featured Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić as a guest.

Prof. Tatalović Vorkapić spoke about whether we should try to hide our fears and anxieties from children, in th context of the coronavirus emergency, or whether it is better to let them know what is happening. Parents of children of different ages have to face many challenges, such as wearing masks, hygiene and social distance.


Radio Interviews

Latvian National Opening Conference (25th August 2020) publicised online by

The full video is available here.


Latvian Radio channel LSM has interviewed our Latvian Project Investigator Baiba Martinsone on the importance of mental health promotion in schools (25th August 2020).

The Latvian Journal “School and Family" and the Latvian Newspaper have interviewed the Latvian Principal Investigator Baiba Martinsone on her work within PROMEHS


The fourth partners' meeting held in Rijeka, Croatia, in January 2020 has been reported in the local newspaper "Novi List"on February 4th.

This article talks about the Faculty of Teacher Education, where the meeting was hosted, and describes the research protocol and the curriculum implementation in schools that the Consortium discussed during the two-day meeting.

Photo Gallery with students' works during PROMEHS activities in class

A beautiful video done by Italian highschools students from Chignolo Po (PV) about the 10 most important classroom rules.